What are we all about…..

We are a very small group of people who bring you food to your door when you can’t go yourself, it’s that simple, well almost.

burgerHave you ever thought “I really fancy something to eat but I can’t be bothered to go and get it and only if they delivered to me, but they don’t”. Then you either raid the fridge for that last piece of cheese on toast or you get something from the local pizza shop that you didn’t really want? Well, your saviours are here, for all those times you can’t leave the house because you’re looking after the kids or you just can’t be bothered to move off the couch. On those weekend mornings when you are that hungover it would be very unwise to drive, we’ve all been there. Just log on and we will bring you a wonderful hot meal from your favourite local fast food joint direct to your door as quick as we can legally drive.

How it works

We will be able to deliver from several fast food restaurants in your area that don’t currently offer a delivery service. We will be focused on weekend mornings at first so that ever allusive MaccyD breakfast can be yours without getting out of your onesie, result! Your food will even be transported in a heated container to make sure it’s as hot as it should have been if you were stood at the counter yourself. All we ask is for a small surcharge on your order and a modest delivery fee for the smiling person knocking on your front door.

Do we actually make the food?

Just to be absolutely clear we don’t make any of the food ourselves. We go to the counter instead of you and order what you ordered from us. We all have our favourite meals and our mission is to bring you the best from the people that have been doing this a long time.Let’ss face it when you fancy a Big Mac no other burger will do, so why compete.