Why Choose Us

why choose us Food to Your DoorWhy Choose Us

Food to Your Door only exist to serve you. we know with out you we would be nothing. We promise to always conduct ourselves in an honest, reliable and transparent way. With that in mind we offer the following services when you order.

Keep it HOT

One of the big benefits of using Food to Your Door is that not only do we have insulated boxes for delivery but they are heated too. That’s right we use a system that is actually heated so anything that’s served up to you at your door is just the right temperature. We know that you have looked forward to your meal and the last thing we want is for it to be cold, nothing worse in my opinion. So we have introduced a heated deliver system that could mean your meal actually arrives to you warmer than when it left the restaurant. There’s not many companies out there that will offer that kind of service and for this low price.

Keep You Updated

Because we use an online tracking system for your order we can manage everyone’s orders together and make sure your meal is delivered in the shortest time possible. We understand that sometimes, no matter how much we plan for it, things don’t go just how we wanted. So our commitment to you is that if your meal is going to take longer than we expected to be delivered we will contact you. We expect all deliveries to be with you within 40 minutes, if your order has reached this time and it’s not at your door we will make sure you know why and give you an expected time for it to be with you. Please subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

Quick and Super Easy

The whole point of this service is to bring you food when you need it. We fully understand the need for us to provide you with an easy system for ordering your food. No waiting for people to pick up the phone, no need to find the spare change at the last minute. We offer the ability for you to pay online securely or via PayPal. You will get an order confirmation straight away and the next thing you will hear from us is the knock on your door and your hot fresh food. To make sure it’s hot and fresh we have made it a priority to deliver to you as fast as we can and have a target of getting your food to your door within 30 to 40 minutes of you ordering it.