Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions we get asked the most and the most common answers.

To go back to order your meal please use your back button on your browser.

This Fee or Charge added to an order can depend on several different things, the amount you have ordered or where you have ordered from. This is a small charge added to some orders in order to cover some of the costs associated with processing your order on our website. If you have been charged a Fee on your order and want to know more you can Contact Us.

We have a fully automated system which makes sure we can offer you a driver to get you your order on time. Part of this system is that we can only certain delivery slots so orders don’t all come in at once. When more drivers are available more slots open etc. If you are unable to order it could be for a few reasons so please check the following:

  • We are open in that area, please check the opening times on the website
  • You have completed your name and address details
  • We deliver to your postcode, you can check this by typing your postcode into our main page search box here
  • You will only be able to order for the same day (in most areas)
  • Refresh the checkout page and try again making sure all details have been filled in

If you are still unable to select a date it is more than likely because we are fully booked in your area and can’t take anymore. If you want to double check you can give us a call or message us via Facebook where one of our team will help you.

Most of our Hubs offer payment by cash on delivery however in some cases this is disabled or you have not met some rules in place on the hub. Rules are different in some areas so we can’t list them all here but here is a breakdown on most of them.

Cash on delivery will be disabled if:

  • This is your first order at this hub, cash will be available next time you order.
  • Your order is over £30.00
  • Some areas only accept PayPal or online payment

These rules are here to protect our business and reduce our costs so we can remain competitive.

Excellent news and in most cases we can help. We have lots of options available from simple advertising on our network to having a fully managed outsourced delivery solution with the lastest technology installed at your restaurant and anything in between. To discuss options that would work best for you, us and your customers please email us at and we will get our dedicated account manager in your area to call you back.

First things first, let’s check your order has been accepted. You can do this by going to the website/hub where you made the order and clicking on “My Account”. This page will have a few buttons to show you different things about your account and one of them, “Orders” holds your most recent order history. Click this link to make sure your order has gone through correctly. As long as you have an order with today’s date on it and it says “Processing” then your order has gone through and we will be on our way soon. If the order is there but has a different status please contact us and we can look into this for you.

If you are worried you have not received the email then please can you check your spam and junk folders first? This is usually the problem as some email clients think the email we sent to you could be marketing. If this is the case and the email was filtered to your spam/junk folder please add to your safe sender list, then next time it’ll get through to you. There are loads of links out there to help you do this and as there are hundreds of email clients we can’t list them all here…. google is your friend to help here.

If when you check you still can’t find any emails from us but your order is being processed please contact us via and we can look into this for you.

We can’t be everywhere but if you let us know you are out there wanting our service we know where to set up shop next. Email us at and give us the area with your postcode and will we keep a record of this and contact you when we open in your area.

We are always looking for more wheels on the ground to help out with our constant expansion. Please register your interest here and we will get back to you.

We are always sorry to hear anyone has any issues with our service. Please contact us as soon as you can on our customer service number, which is found on our Facebook page or in the “Contact Us” section of the website you ordered from. We will do whatever we can to correct the issue. These numbers vary from site to site and you may speak to us here at Food to Your Door or directly with the restaurant depending on the situation.

That’s a complex question to answer as we have lots of different things to consider but in the main this is how we work. We work with local restaurants to deliver their food to you. Sometimes we have a working relationship with the business, sometimes we are just simply there to pick up the food on your behalf. You go online to your specific “Hub” which delivers to your postcode and there will be a list of restaurants that we deliver from. You pick what you want online, just like ordering online in the normal way like you’ve done a million times before I’m sure. That order is sent to our network and one of our trained drivers picks up your order and delivers it direct to you. It’s really that simple.

We don’t have an app you can download currently but our website will work beautifully in all current internet browsers on most phones and tablets. If you are having issues viewing the site please give our customer service team a call. The number can be found on our Facebook page, just search for Food to Your Door.

I’m afraid the answer to this is usually no. This is because we have to wait for the food to be prepared and if there is a wait at the second restaurant there could be an issue with food quality and so we usually don’t allow ordering from multiple locations in a single order. There are some circumstances when we will override this but this is only in some circumstances and the website by default will only allow single restaurant ordering.

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