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Food to Your Door delivers the undeliverable, literately! We offer an online ordering system for your restaurant and as it would be hosted on our food network we can drive more orders your way.

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We offer food from a range of restaurants that are in the areas we operate in and are looking to partner with establishments which offer great food and can package it to stay hot while it’s delivered.pic_express-delivery

So if you want to expand your customer base and include more people in your area we can help you out. We offer a great service with no risk to you for setting up. You will get our own website that your customers will order through and the money is handled via PayPal so no prank orders to deal with. You will also get free advertising from our Facebook and Twitter accounts, this alone is worth hundreds of pounds. You can either provide your own delivery driver/s or we can provide this service for you (if you are in an area we can cover).

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Your Own WebsiteSpennymoor

We will design a website that shows customers what you have to offer. This is tailored to give your customers a great experience and offer them the information they need to order from you. Ordering can either take place on the website directly or let your customers know how to contact you directly so you can take the order. The website will be part of the Food to Your Door network and be maintained and hosted by us, so no need to worry about updates or security as we will deal with all the technical aspects of this for you. You will get your own link to your site so you can use this to drive traffic to your website. Your website will be listed in our main search engine on our homepage to get the maximum amount of hits and will only appear if the customer searches for a postcode that you deliver to.

Get More People to Find You

FtYD homepage ScreenshotAs we operate a network of restaurants we work hard at promoting and advertising to the right people at the right times in order to get customers looking at and then ordering from you. We use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc to help get the word out about you and what you can offer them. We link directly to special offers or products you want to promote this week. Got a special pizza you want to push or holiday deals then just let us know and we can put out a message to all of our followers.

Order Online

product optionsWe offer you a full solution where a customer can find your website based on their delivery postcode. Sign up to a free account and look around at all your great items. They can search by category and add products into their basket. These products can have different options, for instance, they might come with a side of chips or rice or different sauces. These sides can be differently priced, so if chips are more expensive than rice this is reflected in the customer’s basket when they order. You can set a minimum order amount and also set different prices for delivery depending on where the customer lives. You can have different payment options live at the same time, for instance, you can accept credit/debit cards, PayPal or cash upon delivery or collection too.

The customer then picks the delivery slot they want based on how busy you are. That’s right you can set up the system to allow a maximum number of delivers at different times so no need to keep checking a terminal when you are busy. If you can handle 10 orders every 15 minutes then when the 11th customer comes along there will be an automatic delay added so they can’t order until later in the night. We do all the hard work for you so you can do what you do best, make great food and serve your customers. When the order is completed it is sent on a custom template to a printer in your kitchen or front desk.

order appWe can set this to print multiple copies if needed, or if you wish we can set up a touch screen to organise all your orders digitally. We also had a request to have the receipts in different languages well guess what we can do that too. If you want the print out to be in English and Chinese, for example, we can sort that for you too. We really do try and make life as easy as possible for you and your customers.

To talk about this opportunity in more detail just fill in your details below and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.