Some Key Terms and Conditions

Coupons and Discounts

We cant always offer discounts, deals and coupons from the restaurant you want us to pick up. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Food to Your Door may offer coupons and discounts from time to time and these are valid through us only.

Delivery Areas

We do endeavour to deliver to as many homes as possible and have placed restrictions on the areas we cover. This is done by Post Code. There may be occasions when we are unable to deliver to your home even though it has a Post Code we cover. In the unlikely case this does happen you will be contacted and a full refund given as soon as we can.

Ordering and Cancellations

Once an order is processed through the site it is unable to be cancelled. This is because we have to purchase your food from a third party. Please double check your order before committing to purchasing it. If you want to make any amendments or wish to cancel the order completely please contact us via email to orders@foodtoyourdoor.co.uk and we will help you as much as we can.

We reserve the right to refuse to serve customers in certain circumstances. This includes, but isn’t limited to, abusive behaviour from customers either in person or via messages through digital means.

We may sometimes need to stop our service due to adverse weather conditions or other issues which maybe causing us to give a substandard service. In these extreme circumstances any orders we can’t fulfil will be contacted and a full refund issued as soon as we can.

Our Menu

Although we do add as many items as we can to our menu’s sometimes we can’t offer everything that one of the restaurants can. Also all of the options for their meals may not be available, for example if meals come with several different options like size, drinks or upgrades we may not be able to offer these to you. We do try and offer as much as we can however sometimes it’s not possible. Please check your order fully before committing to purchase.

Ordering Times

Each different area could have different opening times and be open several times during the same day. These are subject to change without notice. We are unable to guarantee the exact time of delivery if ordering for the very start of any opening period. This is due to the driver having to pick the items up and this can only be done at the start of their shift so please only pre-book for delivery after 30 minutes from the opening time stated.

10% Off Your First Order

From time to time we offer customers 10% off their first order with us. This offer maybe restricted to certain delivery areas and have a minimum and/or maximum spend. The discount is for products only and doesn’t affect the delivery charge. Some items maybe excluded from this offer. The offer is only valid once per customer, although doesn’t need to be applied on the first order. We reserve the right discontinue this offer without notice.

None Payment

We operate a “payment at time of order process” which means when your order is confirmed the money will have already been transferred to us. In rare occasions if this process fails, payment in full is required before the order can be carried out. In cases where the order has been fulfilled and delivered to you but payment is cancelled, returned, refunded in error or otherwise not processed correctly full payment is required within 5 days of the delivery date. If payment is withheld Food to Your Door reserves the right to add administration charges to your account for the collection of overdue fees. This includes but is not limited to £12.50 charge if none payment exceeds 21 days from the date of the original delivery date. If none payment continues to a total of 42 days then a charge of £23.00 will be added for further administration costs for the retrieval of the monies owed. If none payment continues we reserve the right to pass all additional costs for recovering the debt, this includes but is not limited to court costs, bailiff services and any additional administration time.

Customer Service Calls

We sometimes record and monitor calls for training and quality purposes.

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